Revolving, Revolving…not.

Great Changer is Like That, Yes. Divine Supreme High Creator In Us.

Kaizen Living

My time in Tucson has been full of change, change and more change. It is though I’m in a revolving door–a beautiful golden door, like we used to see in fine department stores or grand hotels–and just as I step out on the sidewalk I’m once again called inside. For with every change has come introspection, or being called inside. This particular cycle has now lasted 15 months, since my move to Tucson.

The latest revolution of the door has sent my youngest son and his family back to Kansas City, where my son will begin a new career after leaving military service this month. I have treasured this precious year with my young grandson and since January, his baby sister. Knowing that they would probably not stay in Tucson was a factor all along; how that feels to live out is new territory. I didn’t anticipate that it would…

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