Dust upon his eyes

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A man who looks first to a woman’s outer beauty will never know her beauty divine, for there is dust upon his eyes and he is blind. But a man who sees in a woman the spirit of the Great One and sees her beauty first in spirit and truth, that…

The Incredible Bundy Brothers

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Picture from New York Times obituary October 7th 2000 from the original of April 18th 1968 The picture above, taken at the pinnacle of the sixties peak of American power, influence and prestige, shows William Bundy, seated at the high table of power. Bundy is perhaps one of the…

Simple Living Works! Weekly Digest

Simple Living Works! Weekly Digest June 15, 2016 In This Issue: SLW! Podcast #71 – Jessie Schiele of Jerusalem Farm, KC // Our Simple Living Daily Nudge — Weekly Edition //  Worth Revis… Source: Simple Living Works! Weekly Digest

Budgets Are Politics by Other Means

Public higher education institutions like the CSU and UIUC have been (re)defined by free market ideologies and capitalist dreams. Maybe it is the communities and scholars who are working to change that as a given who are being thrown out of the boat first? Maybe the histories and cultures that challenge those goals as evolutionary…